Princess Harri Dog Blog 2020
1st January Well a very Happy New Year to everyone. Boss Woman has entered us for the 1000 mile viewranger challenge, with any money raised going to DOTS - Dogs on the Streets. If you would like to sponsor us, then please do so. Even £1 would be very helpful for my fellow dogs on the streets.
5th January I have had quite an interesting couple of weeks out on my dog walks. Met cyclists, motorcyclists, cows, sheep, donkeys, canal boats and a horse! I was scared of the horse though, it was so massive and it wouldn't keep still when I was looking at it, so it freaked me out. The cows I tried to get close to but I was a bit worried about them as well, I mean .. they are MASSIVE with big googly eyes. A cow actually pushed my friend Amber out of the way. One of the days we went over to Greenham Common, which I quite like because there are some nice clean ponds for me to go swimming in. Anyway, we met this horrible nasty faced aggressive woman with 2 spaniels. I ran up to the spaniels to say hello and play with them and the woman got nasty and accused me of trying to bite them. No ... I don't bite. I sometimes get a bit mouthy because I am still teething but I never ever bite. Not ever. She shouted at Boss Woman that if I bit her dogs then she would kick me. What? Anyway, Boss Woman told her that she would have to go through her first and that if she kicked me, then Boss Woman would kick her!   Boss Woman told her that I was just a puppy and not ever aggressive, but the nasty faced woman shouted that either I had to get better training or kept on lead. Serously? Whatever! For a 7 month old pup, I am quite well trained, thankyou. My Boss Woman said that the woman was more aggressive than any dog she had ever met. AND I saw a hot air balloon today. I wasn't sure what it was floating about in the sky so I barked really loudly at it to let it know I wasn't scared. The cow butted me with it's head and tried to knock me down.
8th January Today I was naughty. In fact today, I was VERY naughty. I kept wandering off in the in the woods in the search for squrirels, I absolutely refused to recall to Boss Woman when she shouted me, in fact I totally ignored her. I went missing in the woods for 3 minutes where Boss Woman had no idea where I was and she was extremely worried, I ran up to a little boy and scared him and THEN I ate something tasty that I wasn't supposed to. In the end I decided to humour Boss Woman and went back to her, on the off chance that she would give me a treat for my one off recall. Well no, she didn't. She clipped me on lead, told me I was a naughty girl and made me walk on lead for the rest of the walk back home. She was muttering something about sending me back to where I came from and I think she swore. Yes, typical Harri the Princess. Showing off, being ignorant, refusing to do as she is told ... She is still annoying me as well. Tonight I went in her cage for a rest and I took a toy in with me. Well Princess Harri wanted the toy and I refused to give it her, so she got hold of the bed in the cage and pulled it out with her teeth, forcing me to leave the cage. Naughty is a mild word for her. REALLY naughty she is. Boss Woman said she is going to get tough with her.
13th January Well we went into Pets at Home today. Apparently because I am growing into a big strong dog, even though I am only 7 months old, I pull on lead so Boss Woman wanted to get me a Halti. I don't always have to wear it though. When I walk with Amber well I always pull then because I want to be in front of Amber all the time and when Boss Woman does granny duties and I am walking with the pushchair then I have to walk nicely and NOT pull, otherwise I could pull the pushchair over, but sometimes if I see something/someone interesting then I pull a lot. So, if I wear a Halti then it puts pressure on my face and deters me from pulling. That is the theory anyway ... While we were in Pets at Home we walked past a pen with some small white things that were running around and squealing. I was scared to death of them, I had never heard or seen anything like that before. Anyway I barked at them, LOUDLY to tell them to shut up and stop scaring me, then I got into trouble by the assistant for barking at them and scaring them!! Seriously? Actually, THEY scared ME. Pffft she is SUCH a princess!
14th January Today I had to go to the vets for one of my teeth out. Somehow it got broken and it was all impacted in my gum and infected. Because I am a very brave stoic dog, then my Boss Woman had no idea there was anything wrong with me until she saw blood on my bed. I showed no symptoms and still ate all my food, except for the hard fish biscuits which I couldn't eat because they hurt my gums. Now the tooth is out, I feel a lot better now. I have to eat soft food until it heals up so for my dinner I am having minced beef and pasta and no biscuits.

18th January We were going to have a very nice walk over to Tidmarsh but when we got down the fields, the whole place was flooded. Me and Amber were going across this bridge to the fields where we have walked before and as I stepped off the bridge, crikey!! There was no ground there, just water but because the water was so very clear I didn't realise it was water until I went under. I didn't half panic, I tell you. I was splashing about like mad until I rememberd that I could swim and then I swam to the side as fast as I could. Boss Woman looked suitably worried. Anyway, I shook myself off and we turned round and went back the other way, seeing as our path was completely blocked by water.
21st January What a lovely day we had today. For the first time EVER I caught a train. We walked from Kintbury to Hungerford and then caught the train back to where we left the car. It was so exciting and I wasn't even scared of the fast trains that went past us at the station at high speed and I wasn't scared when I got on the train either. The step up to the train was a bit high but Boss Woman tugged my lead and told me to JUMP so I did. Speaking of which ... also today, I got a new BIG girl collar and lead. No more puppy stuff for me now. it is a beautiful pink one, quite suitable for a Princess. Well I have been on many trains before!
23rd January Well we had a lovely walk in the fields and up to the woods today. Met a few other doggy friends and had a run about/jump about with them. As we were walking up to the Cross Tracks in the fields, there was a tall man jogging towards us with his little black dog that looked a bit scared. Anyway, as he ran past us, I started running with him and then I got silly and excited and I started jumping up at him. Normally Boss Woman recalls me and I run back to her straight away when she sees the potential for me jumping BUT because this jogger ran up behind us so quietly and so quick, Boss Woman didn't realise until it was too late. Just as she was calling me back, the jogger bent down, brought his arm right back with his fist clenched and was just about to hit me hard, straight in the face but then he slipped in the mud and fell back. Boss Woman told him it served him right and when she told Big Guy, Big Guy reckoned the man was a mentally retarded cowardly psycho who wouldn't have dared do that if Big Guy had been there! What a weirdo he was. I mean .. I WAS a bit naughty but I am only 7 months old and still learning manners. I bet when the psycho was young and learning manners that he annoyed people intensely. I wonder if he got punched in the face?
2nd February So today when Big Guy was feeding the ducks, I snuck in with them into their pen. They were quacking at me and because I couldn't understand what they were saying, I barked LOUDLY at them back. Then, I got into trouble from Big Guy for upsetting them! Life is so unfair. I always get the blame for everything. Serves her right, she is always being naughty.
11th February I had a lovely time on my walk today and me and Boss Woman had great fun with a pine cone. Every time I took it back to Boss Woman, then she threw it again for me, that is until I eventually killed it dead.
All exciting things happening here now. I am off for my rabies jab on Thursday to the vets, so I can get my pets passport and go to France for my holidays. Also, Boss Woman has arranged for an underwater photoshoot for me in April, so I get to have my picture taken while I am underwater. ALSO Boss Woman is arranging for me to do some training called Mantrailing, where I get to sniff out human scent. How exciting is that?

13th February Apparently I pull on lead and it makes it difficult to walk me, especially when Boss Woman is on granny duty and has to push a pushchair with the little human in as well. I normally wear a halti lead but the woman at dog training recommended I wear a full choke chain. The woman at dog training did some walking about with me with the choke chain on and I was SCARED to death. I really did not like walking on the choke chain, especially when she pulled it, it made me jump and frightened me. Anyway, Boss Woman put the choke chain on me today for our walk and I was so scared of it that I didn't pull or anything and walked very nicely so Boss Woman didn't have to do anything, not even pull on it. Phew!
2nd March GOOD NEWS. I have my pets passport now. How exciting!!
Bad News is, I am now in the 3rd week of being in season and having to walk on lead. I keep wanting to chase after the male dogs and they want to come and be friends with me, but Boss Woman is having none of it. She is keeping me firmly on a short lead so I can't get up to mischief and so the male dogs can't get too near me either. Boss Woman said I am definitely NOT going to have any puppies and that I am to be spayed in a few months time. She said that the world is not big enough or ready enough for more than ONE Princess Harri. Whatever .... There was a Golden Retriever that was VERY interested in Harri today on our walk and Boss Woman got annoyed and would not let it get near Harri.
16th March Had a very lovely walk on the Ridgeway at Chinnor. We heard woodpeckers and all sorts of other noises. There was a lot of nice smells and some nice bird poo and horse poo to eat. I saw some sheep and I had to bark loads of times at them to tell them to shut up their noise but they just stared at me menacingly through the fence. Harri is such a wuss. She was scared of the sheep and kept hiding behind Boss Woman.
17th March Well it is Boss Woman's birthday today and she was going to take me and my friend Amber out for lunch to the Rowbarge and share her ham, eggs and chips, and then go for a walk on the Kennet and Avon canal. Unfortunately with all this Coronavirus stuff, she didn't take us so we shared her egg and cress sandwich instead while we were walking by the canal. Well the egg and cress sandwich was better than nothing.
24th March Went for a very lovely walk by the River Thames. Saw all sorts, butterflies, bees, swans, ducks, geese and even 2 Grebes. Had a lovely paddle in the river and got into big trouble for eating goose poo - it was worth it!
17th April Had a lovely walk in the woods BUT it was spoiled because I went up to this dog called Maisie and tried to pinch her ball (I mean, she COULD have shared). The very nasty bad tempered dog then attacked me and bit me loads of times on my head. I didn't want to fight, I just wanted to share her ball. Anyway, then I got angry and bit her back and THEN my friend Amber was wanting to defend me being a pup and all, and she joined in. What a palaver! The owner then blamed me and Amber for starting it and it wasn't like that at all. It was the Maisie dog that attacked me first. I know I was naughty but hardly worth attacking me for! My friend Amber can be grumpy with other dogs when they come too close to her and will tell them off but never ever does Amber attack a dog another dog when it gets too near. Someone told Boss Woman that it takes a VERY bad dog to attack a pup. Boss Woman said either the owner should warn people to keep their pups/dogs away OR keep it on a lead. If it attacked a little pup or a little dog then it could easily kill it.

20th April So, all I did was to go in the cow field to have a look. I didn't chase them, I just wanted to go and have a sniff and a little look (and maybe eat a bit of cow poo). Crikey. As soon as the cows spotted me, they chased me out of the field. I had to run for my life!! Not sure I will want to go and have a look at them again, they scared me to death. Might be safer just to look from the safe side of the fence next time. 
10th June Aha, my birthday today, 1 year old I am.  Me and my friend Amber had steak for tea and very nice it was too!
26th June I got stung by a bee.  I didn't do anything to it, I only chased it around the window trying to catch it and then it STUNG me.  Owww it really hurt.  Big Guy pulled out the stinger and now it is swollen.  I also got a tick on me and Big Guy pulled that out as well.
28th June Had a nice walk in the woods and weather not too hot.  Found some wild raspberries, so me, my grumpy old sister Amber and Boss Woman picked them and had a feast (sort of ..).  I can even pick my own now, I am so clever.  I also pick my own apples AND hazelnuts from the trees in our garden, although I do get into trouble sometimes when Boss Woman sees me do it.   At least I won't starve if Boss Women ever forgets to feed me! 
30th June So there I was, minding my own business walking on the Thames path, when I huge GIANT woman came striding towards me, her rain cape flapping about like a giant pair of wings and carrying a very giant umbrella.  Well of course I was scared, I thought it was the very angel of death come to get me!!  I jumped up and down, I jumped sideways and sideways again and I barked at her.  She told Boss Woman she was scared of me.  She was scared of me?  You have to be kidding. I was terrified of her. Crikey.  I was very good though.  I didn't growl or jump up at her and I did recall (eventually) to Boss Woman.  Phew.  I reckon I had a lucky escape there ...
12th July Well a lot of excitment in the garden today.  I could smell something I was not familiar with and I didn't like the smell so I started barking like mad.  Big Guy went to find out what I was barking at, and it was a MASSIVE grass snake, a female about 1 metre long.  No kidding.  When Boss Woman went to take a photo of it, it arched it's neck ready to strike her.  Anyway she stepped back in time because even though they are not poisonous snakes, it could have stuck it's fangs in her I reckon. Ha Ha, Boss Woman was a BIT scared.
22nd July So this evening I went to Mantrailing (sniffer training).  I tell you, I was good !  Very good in fact.  I sniffed an item on the floor belonging to the person and then I sniffed and sniffed and picked up and followed their trail, right to exactly where they were hiding.  I loved it AND I got to wear my lovely new pink training harness.
3rd August Very exciting day today.  Lucy, of Starfish Underwater Photography, took some photos of me swimming underwater.  I worked very hard, jumping in the pool and retrieving the ball so Lucy could take photos of me doing it.  Lucy said she will contact the Press Agencies and tell them all about how very clever I am!
5th August My birthday today.  13 years old.  Steak for tea, followed by banana dessert and a fish biscuit for afters.  Very nice it was too. 
10th August Today was another 33 deg. VERY hot day.  My friend Amber stayed at home while me and Boss Woman went for a walk.  It was just too hot for poor old Amber.  Anyway, we stayed in the shade of the woods and met my friend Monica, who then hid for me so I could practise my sniffer training.  I found her of course! 
11th August Well 35 deg it is today so unfortunately my mantrailing session is cancelled because it is too hot for us dogs to work.  I am sorely disappointed, I really like going to sniffer training.
18th August Sniffer training again tonight.  I aced it, of course !  Well almost.  First run I cheated a bit because I could see the 'runner' clearly from where I was so I didn't need to sniff him out but the second run, which was a decoy one, I totally ignored the decoy and sniffed out the proper runner.  When I did it on Saturday, I could even sniff the runner from across the lake where they were hiding.  I never saw them at all but I could sniff them across the water.  Superstar they called me.
21st August We went over near Henley today, to help look for Lola the missing dog.  I trailed everywhere looking for her, up and down, round and round, absolutely loads of trails to follow but I couldn't find her becuase I was getting very tired so Boss Woman said we had to stop.  Pity we didn't find her though because I bet she is weak and scared now, being out in the open for so long.  That is, unless someone has found her and kept her!
25th August So there I was, happy sniffing around, enjoying my walk in the woods, when suddenly round the corner, through some trees and very unexpectedly came some old people walking a very unhappy looking rescue dog from Romania.  The poor dog was not used to being on lead, neither was it used to meeting loads of dogs, neither was it used to walking slowly with old people.  It should have been walked in the open space, away from any other dogs and in a place where they could see other dogs approaching.  Anyway, I went running up to it to say hello and welcome, just as Boss Woman spotted them and shouted out "Is it okay with other dogs".  The old woman shouted back and shaking her hand, "Well it has had a couple of do's already".  Boss Woman called me back immediately, but it was too late.  The poor sad dog took exception to my greeting and attacked me.  So of course, I attacked it back.  The silly old people made no effort to pull their dog off me, in fact the stupid old man was behind and stood there like a lump of clotted cream.  Boss Woman tried to grab hold of me but the old woman was in the way and the sad dog was attacking me and Boss Woman was not wanting it to bite her.  Anyway, I was uncremoniously pulled away and put on lead.  Boss Woman was very annoyed that they were walking the poor dog in such a thickly wooded area, where many dogs walk offlead, they had no control over it and were completely at a loss what to do when it did attack me.  Boss Woman felt very sorry for the poor dog, being owned by such irresponsible clueless dim witted people.  Of course, guess what happened?  They are now telling people it is all MY fault.  Well actually, it was THEIR fault entirely.  Well I can be grumpy to other dogs that run up to me but I NEVER attack them, I do tell them off though. Sometimes a whole pack of dogs that the dog walkers take in the woods come up to me to sniff my bum and annoy me. It's what sociable dogs do, especially young ones, they meet and greet each other. Boss Woman suspects it is more to do with the fact that we are Staffies, than any other reason.
4th September So now I have been accepted and registered in the SAR Dog Lost Rescue.   Even though I am still a raw trainee, I am now officially a search and rescue dog.   Clever or what??
7th September Lovely walk down to the river.    I had the best time ever.  Boss Woman took a ball and I spent ages jumping in the river and bringing it back.  I am so brave now that I just launch myself at full speed, straight into the water. The weather was a bit too warm for me, so we had to walk very slowly, but I still enjoyed the walk and the river was nice and cool on my tummy.
18th September I have to walk on lead now for the next week or 2.   Actually I am walked on a head collar because Boss Woman said I pull like a train when I am on lead.   I am in season and all the males are interested in me and I am also very interested in them.  I met my friend a lovely blue Amstaff type, one that we normally have a rough play together, well his owner asked Boss Woman if I could be mated with it.  Boss Woman said absolutely definitely NOT.  Apparently when I have finished my 2nd 'season' then I am going to be spayed, whatever that means. 
23rd September Went over to Dedham Vale and Flatford in Essex/Suffolk yesterday.  We did a very lovely 6.9 mile walk around Flatford and Flatford mill, in the footsteps of John Constable (the famous painter).  Me and Amber had the lovely River Stour to go paddling and swimming in, which we were glad of seeing as it was a very hot day.   I met a lovely friendly Staffie X called Maisie and had a play with her for a while.  I did very well walking all that way but I was a bit stiff in my legs when we had finished.  I did enjoy the nice walking though and the river was lovely and cooling on my legs and tummy.  I was well tired when we got home and slept like a log, with a bit of snoring.