Princess Harri Dog Blog 2019
10th June Today, I was born. There are 10 of us born actually. 5 girls and 5 boys.
12th June Boss Woman came to see me today and gave me a cuddle. Unfortunately I could not see or hear her because my eyes and ears have not yet opened. I was picked as Boss Woman's next companion out of all my brothers and sisters. I am going to be sharing my life and adventures with Amber, my soon to be almost 12 years old, older sister and she is also a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I wonder what sort of life and adventures I will have in my new home? Apparently there is a grumpy cat in the house also so I will have to keep an eye out for it.
21st June My eyes are just starting to open, just a little bit. I still can't see anything because my eyes don't work properly yet until they are fully open.
30th June My eyes are fully open now, although I still can't quite focus yet. I am just starting to walk on my legs properly without crawling about
30th July Today Boss Woman and Big Guy picked me up from where I was born in Ashton Under Lyne and took me to where I will now be living forever. It was a very long journey back and we called at Castle Hill in Huddersfield on the way back and it was so frightening with a massive thunderstorm and lightening. I was really scared and shaking like a leaf.
31st July I had a shower this morning because I was so smelly. I didn't like the water on my face and struggled to get out of the shower. I have a sore neck because at the breeder house I had an identity necklace around my neck and it chafed my skin a lot. I met the grumpy cat today, the one that lives here. I tell you, it is a scary monster with sharp claws. I don't think the cat likes me very much because it made a hissing noise like a snake. I went to the vet for a check up. I weighed 2.3 kg.
1st August For the first time ever today, I had some beef mince. I liked it very much and ate it all up.
2nd August I went to the vets today for a check up. The man gave me a once over and checked my tummy. He said he thought I had worms and gave me a pill. Big Guy is taking me for a walk in the woods with Amber, but I have to stay in a puppy sling. Apparently I can't go on the floor yet until I have had my 2nd jab. Boss Woman gave me 2 blackberries. Very nice they were.
3rd August Well the vet man was right. I did have worms, loads of them, long horrible wriggly things, which kept coming out in my poo. I have a huge garden to play in, it is so exciting to run around all over without being stuck in a little room with my siblings, like I was before. I love it here.
4th August I met a stinky breath cow today. It was HUGE and hairy with VERY stinky breath.
5th August It seems like I have got rid of all the worms now and I am now eating a lot more and getting fatter. Today I tasted cheese, banana and orange and I liked them all. It is Amber's 12th birthday today and I got to share some of her steak dinner. Mmmmm delicious it was. My legs seem to work better now as well. I couldn't seem to make all 4 legs work together at the same time and I kept tripping up but I have now figured out how to do it without falling over anymore. I got into BIG trouble. I bit Big Guy, not sure I will be doing that again! Had some blackberries today. I must say, they are very nice.
This puppy is an annoying NUISANCE.
6th August I wagged my tail at Boss Woman this morning, I was soooo pleased to see her.
8th August Had to go to the vets again today for some flea drops. Apparently I have fleas. I weighed 3.7 kg. So ... since I left the stinky house I was born in, where I was riddled with worms, fleas and a very sore neck, I am now eating a lot of food, getting fatter and healthier and my neck is no longer sore. I am so very glad I don't live at the stinky house anymore and except for Grumpy Amber and the evil cat, I like it here much better.
13th August I now weigh 4.5 kg. Went out for a walk (well I actually got carried in the puppy carrier) and we all got wet through, it was raining so hard. First time I have been out in the rain and I am not so sure I like it very much! I had pilchards for dinner. Verrrry tasty they were too.
14th August So in the puppy carrier walking down the fields being carried by Big Guy and 2 women stopped to say hello to me. One of them was really liking my cute looks but when Boss Woman told her I was a Staffie pup, the older woman jumped back like she had an electric shock. Seriously? Some people need a reality check, for sure. I mean, she was hardly anything pretty herself, but I never jumped back in horror when I looked at HER. I am hardly going to attack anyone while I am so tiny and sat in a puppy carrier. Idiot! Anyway tonight, for the first time, I shared Big Guys takeaway of Fish and chips. Well I only shared his fish, but it still counts ...
16th August Crikey. Neville the big hen pecked me today. I didn't even do anything wrong, I only went to sniff her.
19th August My ears are now getting into shape and sticking out more, rather than lie flat to my head. Boss Woman reckons they don't work any better though!
22nd August Went out in the puppy carrier today but I am getting a bit frustrated now because I want to WALK on the floor but apparently I can't go on the floor until I have had my 2nd jab next Friday. Everyone makes a fuss of me though and they ALL think I am cute. I was helping Boss Woman doing the gardening today. I dug a hole so she could put some bulbs in. Not sure really if I was supposed to dig it in the lawn, but I was only trying to help. I have been doing some training to walk on lead today. Not keen on the lead at all and I try and wriggle out of it. Sometimes I chew it and then I get into trouble.
29th August Puppy class tonight. I was a little overwhelmed with all the noise, barking and yelping but I made friends with a very naughty boxer and we were play fighting for a while until the big man there stopped us. I fell asleep on the floor while everyone was talking. I think I was supposed to be concentrating on what everyone was saying, but it was a bit too much for me.
30th August Had my 2nd jab today at the vets. It didn't hurt and I was VERY brave. Bit of a random thing happened today. Big Guy took us for a walk on the pavement at Lane End and a white van man drove past slowly, got out and came over to us to make a fuss of us. Then he said he had a bulldog and he had a coat in his van that was now too small for his bulldog so did Big Guy want it for me? Big Guy agreed and then the man got another bigger coat out of his van and handed that to Big Guy as well, for Amber. Crikey. Random people giving coats out.
Yes, SHE is still here, still VERY annoying.
2nd September Well my poos are getting bigger AND my whiteish puppy nails are growing out and my adult nails are showing through. I eat a lot and so I am growing quickly as well.

10th September


Boss Woman bought me and Amber a chicken strip treat from Pets at Home today. Later on this afternoon I had diarroeah all over the rug. I don't think the treat was very good for me, although I did like it!
12th September Had my first proper walk today off lead. 1.78 miles at Silchester. I loved it, following Amber wherever she went, sniffing things out, meeting people, chasing pigeons, eating rabbit poo. I had a great time. I jumped on an old grumpy dog and it nipped me. Boss Woman said it will teach me some manners NOT to jump all over other dogs. We stopped half way round for a 45 minute lunch break and me and Amber shared Boss Woman's banana and crisps. We had a BIG drink of water, it was so hot and we were so thirsty. Then I fell asleep in the shadow of Boss Woman, out of the hot sunshine.
13th September Went to the woods today for a walk. I loved it. Sniffing about, picking up sticks, leaves and all sorts. Buster the spoilt little Schnauzer came running up to us, jumping all over Boss Woman. He has no manners. If I do that, I get told off in no uncertain terms and yet he is bigger and a lot older than me and he gets away with it. Well that's not fair. Anyway when he ran up, I jumped all over him and then he nipped me. Grrr. Just wait until I am bigger, he won't do that then!
28th September Usual 3 km. walk in the woods with a little person. Loads of squirrels to chase, as usual. 2 horrible women went past us and one of them almost stood on me. I mean, it isn't as if I am not big enough to see! I think it was my friend Amber she didn't like because she glared at Amber in a nasty way. When we got back the little person played football with us for a long time in the garden. Not bothered by the nasty woman anyway. Her face was so screwed up, she looked like she had been sucking lemons all day. Mrs. Lemon face is her name.
1st October 3 new things I discovered today. First, don't like being out in the very heavy rain. Second, there is a big dark thing that is bigger than me, which follows me everywhere and I was a bit worried about - Boss Woman said it is called my shadow! Third, is that if I chase squirrels which are the other side of the wire mesh, is that I can't morph through the mesh and I can't reach them even though I can see them running about everywhere. Big Guy put a notch on the shed door today with his knife, to show my height at the age I am now, then as I get older and bigger, Boss Woman can monitor my growth month by month.
2nd October Well I saw a big GIANT creature today, apprently called a horse. I was a very good girl, I stood nicely (although Boss Woman did put me on lead) while it went past. I wasn't scared at all of the big giant monster. I am so brave ...
6th October Some days I have busy dizzy days and sometimes I have a sleepy day. Yesterday was a busy dizzy zoomy day and today I am so tired, that after my usual 2 mile walk, I am sleepy today.
15th October I was weighed today. 12 kg. !!!! I had to go to the vets to have some blood tests done because I keep being sick. My Boss Woman got upset at this and started crying. When the blood tests results come through, then the we will know what is wrong with me. I do feel tired all the time but I can still chase squirrels and I still like my walks in the woods.
28th October How exciting! I am off to Glastonbury for Halloween. Boss Woman has made me and Amber a Halloween jacket. Glastonbury Tor, here we come .. I feel a bit better now. Apparently because I am an old lady, I get problems with my digestion. So at supper time I need some extra food to help my tummy acids work then I won't be sick at night anymore.
14th October Had a very interesting day today. Me and some other dogs were being filmed for a competition for the best dog friendly pub. I liked all the other dogs except for the little Jack Russell that was a VERY grumpy tiny dog. The man came towards me with his camera, it was HUGE and I thought it looked like a big giant monster with a big eye coming towards me, so I barked at it to let the monster know ... back off .... We had great fun running up and down the pub and being filmed. I wanted to be a model anyway, so this is my film debut.
5th December I appeared on THIS MORNING television (well I got 4 seconds of fame) so now I have been on the telly twice. I knew I would be famous one day ... We had a cold 3.58 mile walk in the freezing fog today. We passed a miserable man with an equally miserable Shih Tzu dog. I went up to the dog to say hello and it jumped at me and tried to bite me, it was an ugly faced nasty horrible little dog. Further on we saw someone walking a lovely GIANT 3 year old Mastiff. We had great fun running about and chasing each other, although I couldn't catch him because his longs were a lot longer than mine. The Mastiff was running through the undergrowth like a Rhinoceros, he was so big and clumsy, but he was a lovely friendly dog though. Beef mince for dinner. Mmmm
8th December So yesterday I went for a swimming lesson to a doggie pool, apparently so when I go in the River Thames I will know how to swim and not drown. Well of course I know how to swim. I am made for swimming with my lightweight body and long legs. Anyway today we went on a 4.3 mile walk by the River Thames but I didn't get chance to go in the river because Boss Woman said it was too cold and too fast flowing. We saw all sorts of birds though, geese making honking sound, swans hissing at me and terns making screeching noises. Never seen or heard these birds before. I was a bit worried by the honking noises, I must say. We shared Boss Woman's rump steak for dinner, with potatoes and carrrots. Mmm